White Collar Crime Attorney

White Collar Crime Attorney

At Murad Law, our Massachusetts Fraud attorneys will begin a vigorous defense early in a white-collar crime case. Before prosecutors file charges or law enforcement officials even approach make their approach, Murad Law’s Massachusetts Fraud Attorneys will proactively build a defense for their clients. This approach positions our clients in the best possible position for additional leverage against prosecutors.


Contact A Massachusetts White Collar Crime Attorney

Before speaking with anyone or answering any questions, call the Massachusetts White Collar Crime Lawyers at Murad Law at 617-315-0016 for a free consultation if you’ve experienced any of the following:

  • If you believe your name may be involved in a preliminary investigation in regards to any sort of financial issue
  • If you have received a notification letter from the FBI or the IRS or any other investigative agency requesting information
  • If an FBI or IRS agent seeks out your person directly
  • If you have received an unusual request at work or if coworkers are behaving strangely

The Massachusetts White Collar Crime Attorneys at Murad Law are highly experienced in White Collar Law matters. Our attorneys lead Boston, Massachusetts, law practice with a team of respected and knowledgeable attorneys.

Massachusetts White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime refers to non-violent financial and business offenses including:

  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Bribery
  • Internet Crimes
  • Conspiracy
  • Employee Theft

White Collar Crime investigations are complex and may take years before files are even filed due to the scope of evidence. If you’ve been suspected of Fraud or a White Collar Crime, call a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney immediately to begin building your defense before charges are filed.

Business Fraud

The elements of business fraud include:

  • False representation of fact
  • Knowledge that representation was false when made
  • Intention to induce the plaintiff to act or refrain from acting on the representation
  • Damage occurred on the plaintiff as a result of reliance

In its simplest form, business fraud is any business activity that uses deceitful practices to instill economic injury. If you’ve been suspect of business fraud, call the Massachusetts Fraud Lawyers at Murad Law for your best defense in representation.

The experienced Massachusetts Fraud Attorneys at Murad Laware ready to help. We work directly with each person we defend. You know that when you work with our attorneys we treat each client with dignity, care and respect. Call the Fraud Attorneys at Murad Law at 617-227-4648 for a free consultation.