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Recovering After a High End Divorce


Recover From High End Divorce in Boston

If going through a divorce isn’t already hard enough emotionally, physically and financially; then a high end divorce does nothing but further complicate matters. High net worth spouses own businesses, significant assets, property division and assets tied to careers, and complete financial analyzes are required to arrive at an agreeable settlement. Since it’s not uncommon for assets to “disappear” once the divorce proceedings begin, attorneys involved in high end divorce cases must hold knowledge in finance law as well as uncovering hidden assets. Other concerns involve Children’s Bank accounts, retirement and non-retirement accounts, bonuses, investments, alimony and lifestyle maintenance for the non-working spouse.

Boston High End Divorce Proceedings

High end divorce situations proceed along the same legal grounds as a typical divorce but in more detail. Additionally, they tend to take longer due to hidden assets and overseas accounts. More costly assets require more legal expertise to properly assess the financial situation between spouses. It is imperative to use a high end divorce lawyer who can not only capitalize on divided assets, but who can also protect you in the process.

Moving On After High End Divorce

After a high end divorce hearing, it’s crucial that you move onto your next stage in life. Whether you are a working or non-working spouse, your first step is in finding new accommodations to build your life upon. Boston offers housing options for all tastes and walks of life. If you fancy basking in the historical charm of Boston, then Beacon Hill will captivate you with its brick townhomes and full-blooded lineage. Or if you prefer something a bit more metropolitan than brand new Millenium Tower in Midtown Boston will pamper you in luxurious accommodations and lush amenities.

Discover The New You

While high end divorce can be ugly, there is so much beauty to be found in your new sense of self. Meet new people, try something you’ve always wanted to do, eat at a new restaurant or discover a new hobby. Getting through divorce proceedings was the hard part – it’s all downhill from here.

The Boston High End Divorce Attorneys at Murad Law offer flexible appointments for clients and those looking to start life anew. Learn more about our divorce services and how our experienced lawyers have helped high net spouses successfully capitalize on assets.

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