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Product liability occurs when a person or property is injured or damaged because of a defective product. Product liability can result from faulty manufacturing or design or failure to warn consumers. Accidents attributed to product liability may mean that the manufacturer or distributor of the product is responsible for damages incurred.

Product liability includes problems resulting from defective designs and improperly manufactured products. When product liability stems from defective design, the product is considered unnecessarily dangerous. The extent of the product liability is heightened by the fact that all items from that the assembly line are defective. Product liability stemming from manufacturing flaws means that the problem is generally limited to a few items. Product liability related to design or manufacturing can result in recalls to remove potentially dangerous products from the market.

Product liability also covers cases where the manufacturer or distributor does not properly alert consumers. Potential product liability arises if consumers are not made aware of proper use guidelines. For instance, product liability resulting from failure to warn includes small toys that are not labeled as choking hazards.

Product liability related deaths and injuries occur every day- totaling 34 million per year. If you suspect product liability in an accident involving yourself or a loved one, an attorney specializing in product liability may be able to advise you as to your rights.