Car Accident Statistics

Boston Car Accident Attorney

In 2013, there were over 105,000 car accidents in Massachusetts resulting in nearly 110,000 injuries. By these statistics, there are over 300 injuries per day that are related to car collisions. When you have been in a car accident, there are a lot of things you have to consider. Your injuries, your vehicle, and what you are going to do moving forward. Boston car accident attorney’s deal with these types of cases every day and are experts in what course of action you should take so that you have the best possible outcome.

What To Do If You Get Into An Accident

When you consider the amount of injuries stemming from car crashes every day, there are best practices for when you get into a car collision. The first thing you should do is immediately call for medical assistance for anyone injured as well as the police so that they can document the case. Calling a Boston car accident attorney at this point can be very helpful as they will be able to keep you calm and make sure that you remember the following steps. Next it is important that you get the contact information for anyone involved as well as any witnesses that are at the scene. Another crucial item to add is that you need to take pictures of all of the damage that was done as well as collect any items that may have caused the crash i.e. debris etc.

The next thing you should do after calling your Boston car accident attorney is to draw a diagram of the accident being sure to notate the weather conditions, time, and any other important factors.

There are also some important things you should not do when you get into an accident. The first is panic, don’t escalate the situation or accuse anyone or yourself of causing the accident. You should simply make sure that everyone is fine, call emergency services, and then your attorney. Do not under any circumstances sign anything from anyone insurance company and do not answer any questions from them. Any contact made to you from anyone’s insurance company should be transferred to your Boston car accident attorney

Choosing Your Boston Car Accident Attorney

If you keep all of these items in mind, it should be much should be easier for your Boston car accident attorney to get you the results you want from your case. The Law Office of Boston car accident attorney Jeff Murad is dedicated to representing you in your car accident case. Our office is available for free consultations 24 hours a day at 617-227-4648 to help you get the results you deserve. We have over 69 years of experience helping injured people and have earned our clients over ten million dollars over that time.

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