Accident Attorney – Do you need one?

Simply driving down the I is stressful enough for a lot of people, with car zipping by and people texting while driving it can be very dangerous. But what happens when you do get into an accident? Sure you know that you have to get the other person insurance but what about a car accident attorney? Do they need to get involved?

Accident Attorney

Do I need an attorney?

When it comes down to very simple clear cut accidents, you usually do not need to do anything more than notify your insurer. In situations with a strong clarity of liability, things should be very clear cut. These situations are someone who is clearly at fault and acknowledges the situation. Another example would be an accident with minor injuries with small medical expenses or other not complicated scenarios.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, these types of situations often become larger and those injured have to secure later representation.

You should contact an accident attorney if…

If you are in a position where you feel you do not completely understand what is going on, or you fell like you are being rushed, you should contact a car accident attorney. You should also likely contact an attorney if you feel that:

  • You have lost wages that you will have a hard time proving such as you are in sales, or a business owner.
  • You have been asked for medical records from before the accident
  • You are being asked for information you do not believe prudent to your case specifically
  • You do not know how to complete your claim process
  • You believe that you should be receiving far more money than you are being offered
  • In some situations, it is absolutely imperative that you contact a car accident attorney about your claim.

    • There is a dispute of liability between the parties involved
    • The person injured is a minor, and their injuries are serious
    • The situation is far from regular, and you would like an expert to review your case
    • You are very seriously injured
    • It has been a very long time since your accident, and you still have not received compensation.

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    If you believe that your case is going to raise questions, or you are not entirely sure if you should contact a car accident attorney, then you should. There is no qualm with contacting an attorney for a free consultation. If you would like to contact a car accident attorney at The Law Office of Marcel J. Murad they have been handling cases for over 60 years and will be able to assist you. If you would like to contact them for a free consultation, they are available at anytime at 617-315-0016.

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